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Anas Arshad

Anas Arshad

Muhammad Anas Arshad is an Artificial Intelligence student, working diligently as a Data Engineer, finds himself deeply intrigued by the relationship between Artificial Intelligence and data. He has always been passionate about exploring subjects that pique his interest and derives immense satisfaction from processing and presenting valuable information. The challenges presented by Data Engineering resonate with him, as he takes on the responsibility of gathering data from multiple sources and constructing a solid foundation for every project that comes his way. With an unwavering commitment to continuous improvement, he is eager to enhance his skills during his bachelor years, ensuring that he not only graduates with a degree but also possesses exceptional expertise in his domain upon graduation. His vision for the future involves becoming a highly skilled professional, well-equipped to make significant contributions to the field of Artificial Intelligence and Data Engineering.

Khizar Siddiqui

Muhammad Khizar is a passionate tech writer and community manager interested in helping others learn about data science, analytics, and AI. He has a wealth of knowledge on a variety of topics. Khizar is also a skilled communicator and can explain complex technical concepts clearly and concisely.
As Blog Writer and Community Manager at Techlitistic, Khizar writes informative and engaging blog posts, manages the Techlitistic community on social media and forums, facilitates discussions, and helps answer questions from community members. He also promotes Techlitistic content and events, using data to track and measure the impact of marketing campaigns. In addition, He also works with the Techlitistic engineering team to develop and deploy AI-powered features on the Techlitistic website.